Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry renovations

We can provide a one stop shop for all your renovation needs, whether it's your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. We can organise renovations of all shapes and sizes.

Here at Impact Plumbing, we know all about plumbing and LP gas, but we don't profess to be tilers or electricians. When performing our renovation work, we engage licensed, insured and proven professionals to perform their part of the works.

A gallery of four different renovation projects we've completed
How much will it cost?

The costs of renovating bathrooms can vary greatly due to a number of reasons.

If you are gutting out a bathroom, re-tiling and installing new fixtures back in the same place as they were previously, the plumbing alterations are limited and this is considerably less involved.

When adding fixtures as in the case of a bathroom which had no bath or perhaps no toilet or when changing the layout, this results in alterations to the power outlets, drainage, hot and cold water services.

Plumbing fixture options
An in-wall toilet cistern

These days there are many options available with the huge range of plumbing fixtures and tap ware that are in the marketplace. Some of these are very involved and time consuming in both the set-out and installation. An example would be an in-wall toilet cistern fitted with a wall hung toilet, which would require alterations to the wall and proper supports.

A frameless shower dividing wall

Bathroom fixtures, tap ware and accessories range drastically in price. A couple of examples would be a standard shower outlet for $15.00 to a $700.00 outlet; a $200.00 toilet suite or a $1000.00 toilet suite; or a $180.00 bath to a $5,500.00 spa.

Shower screens also vary greatly in price and there are a range of options available, these are: fully framed for around $650.00, semi frameless around $950.00 and frameless up to approximately $2,500.00. Some advantages and disadvantages are cost and lead time.

Other options include the type of floor waste or shower outlet selected. These can range in price from a standard round or square outlet for around $10.00, to a smart waste solution, which has a section of tile installed in it, so no outlet is visible, yet water can still drain away. This option is approximately $70.00. Taking it even further, a stainless steel trench grate could be up to $700.00.

A selection of floor waste outlets
(Left-to-right) Standard round outlet, smart waste and a trench gate

Wall recesses are a good feature to include in bathroom renovations; the advantage is that a shelf is not required in the shower, which creates more room, leaving nothing to bump in to when showering. These are also a nice feature over baths or spas, for candles or wine glasses.

Vanity units can be custom made and fitted with glass tops, in the colour of your choice, or you can select a stone top of your choice and fit with whichever glass, stone or china basin you prefer, then finish off with your selection of tap ware. The options are endless and you can visit the specialty suppliers' web sites below for ideas.

Three different bathroom basin styles
A wall recess in a bathroom wall

Our trusted partners and suppliers have a great range of top quality products. Browse their websites for endless inspiration for your next bathroom or kitchen renovation! It's not as expensive as you'd think.

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